Sep 12-15, 2024| Colorado Springs, CO USA (and virtually)

Join us for our 5th Annual International Human Design Conference either in person or virtually. Top Human Design Teachers, a Live Lounge, Keynote Speakers, Two optional early conference experiences, and Much More!

(Attend In-Person in Colorado Springs or Watch LIVE Virtually Online AND Have Access To All The Replays!)

Is This You?

Imagine a live gathering of 100 people joined by hundreds more online, sharing, learning, networking and embodying their Human Design. Imagine this gathering being led by a team of some of the world’s leading Projectors and other powerful Human Design teachers. Imagine being trained BY PROJECTORS and others, who inherently understand what it means to be a successful Projector in business, to be a Projector parent and a powerful Projector leader. Imagine, all of this happening in a stunning luxury hotel overlooking Pikes Peak in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. (or from the comfort of your home, live, and virtually). Join us for this very special Human Design Press event, the International Human Design Conference. Showcasing Projectors – Fulfilling Your Potential!

Whether you’re new to Human Design or a seasoned expert, this year’s Annual International Human Design Conference promises to give you the inspiration and information you need to connect more deeply with your understanding of Human Design, with yourself, and with others.

It is the unique role of the Projector to guide the energy necessary to create abundance, well-being and the future of our world. Join us for this very special event – live or online – and hear the wisdom of the Projectors. 

In addition, join us for special pre-conference intensives including Writing by Design with the co-founders of GracePoint Publishing, Michelle Vandepas and Karen Curry Parker and featuring a special exclusive event by bestselling author Evelyn Levenson

  • Whether you’re new to Human Design or a seasoned expert, this year’s Annual International Human Design Conference promises to give you the inspiration and information you need to connect more deeply with your understanding of Human Design, with yourself, and with others. EVERYONE WELCOME

 2023 workshop presenters & Speakers

Evelyn Levenson

Evelyn Levenson - Projector
Opening Keynote/Workshop Presenter

Evelyn is a certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design Specialist with more than a dozen years of experience giving hundreds of basic and specialty Human Design Readings. She is the author of Becoming an Empowered Projector: Essential Wisdom and Guidance for Thriving as ProjectorEvelyn focuses on empowering her clients and students to know themselves, love themselves, and thrive as the full expression of who they are. She is on a mission to help her clients recognize and embrace their own absolute magnificence—which is so easy to see through the gift of Human Design. The full expression of her heart is in helping fellow Projectors step into their unique brilliance, power, and sweet success. She is the founder of the Empowered Projector Movement and creator of the Success for Projectors course. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Evelyn, her conference workshops, and the Becoming an Empowered Projector pre-conference workshop:

Raquel Reyna - Projector
Closing Keynote/Workshop Presenter

Raquel Reyna has her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and is a Human Design transformational Heretic and revolutionary teacher. She is the founder of the Creative Coaching Certification and also runs certifications in Four Radical Transformations, The Dream Rave, and Rave Cosmology. At one time, Raquel was climbing the corporate ladder of her company, but made the decision to give it all up in her 40s when she discovered she was a Splenic Projector.  Since then, she has launched her online career now serving over 60k “mutants” worldwide. She has interviewed thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson and David Avocado Woolfe. She and her partner run foxy5d.com a Human Design boutique and their YouTube Channel, “Raquel and Davidian Unleash Your Genius”. Her first Human Design book,  Are You a Mutant, is due to be released September 2023.

Tammy Mack - Projector

Hi, I’m Tammy Mack, the Creatrix of Soulprism Collective. I empower soulpreneurs to lead through their soul purpose and help them embrace their inner power, stop settling through limited beliefs and live a life that sets their soul on fire. We work with the Quantum Alignment System™, human design, channeling, universal wisdom integrated modalities, energy psychology, and human behavior to help you become more aware and heal your subconscious patterns and tired old stories that have you stuck or settling in a life half lived.

Click Here to Watch Tammy’s Conference Workshop Interview with Michelle 

Adrienne Roach - Manifestor

Adrienne, a 1/3 Ego Manifestor on the Cross of Tension, is a passionate and experienced enthusiast in Human Design. With over 8 years of dedicated study, she has become an expert in this transformative system. Known for her dynamic and impactful communication style, Adrienne captivates audiences with her engaging presentations and interactive workshops. Based in Detroit, she empowers individuals to embrace their authentic nature through thoughtful experimentation. As the founder of ManiSisters Global Retreats, Adrienne creates restful experiences for Manifestor women, nurturing their unique strengths. Her retreats gather Manifestors from around the world, providing them with a space to recharge and thrive. Adrienne is also the co-founder of MySpirio, a platform that connects individuals with top-tier Human Design professionals.

Click Here to Watch Adrienne’s Conference Workshop Interview with Michelle

Marla Mac - Manifesting Generator

Marla is an Aligned Business Guide and Advanced Human Design Specialist.
Through her Business Alignment by Design program and workshops, she helps current and aspiring entrepreneurs align to their Human Design in business, so they create meaning and
impact in a sustainable way , and build a business that feeds their Soul.

Marla runs the Human Design Aligned [Business] Facebook group, and cofounded the
Human Design Portal Facebook group, with over 5,300 members and growing.
Human Design found Marla after corporate burnout and a failed business, which
triggered a Dark Night of the Soul. As she began studying her chart, her Soul spoke to
her and said “This is my calling.”
She has been sharing the gift of Human Design and
helping her clients discover their natural gifts and talents in business ever since.
Marla is a 1/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator, Cross of Sphinx.

Click Here to Watch Marla’s Conference Workshop Interview with Michelle

Karen Curry Parker - Manifesting Generator

Karen Curry Parker is internationally known as the Founder & Creator⁠⁠ of Quantum Human Design™.

She is one of the world’s leading Human Design teachers and best-selling author in Human Design, a TEDx Speaker, and has been teaching, speaking, coaching clients and training students for over three decades.

Karen has a deep love for helping people activate their highest potential, which is, in part, why she created Quantum Human Design™. Her core mission is to help people live the life they were designed to live by discovering who they are, what they are here to do and how to activate their authentic life path.⁠⁠

Karen is a 4/6 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of eight amazing Humans, Wife of a genius and Grandmother of two emerging World Leaders. She has her BSN in Nursing, BA in Journalism and is currently working on her Ph.D in Integrative Health at Quantum University.

Alana Heim - Projector

Alana Heim is the owner and soul essence of Prosperity Alignment, Inc. She serves in a unique role of being a Cosmic Prosperity Activator. Alana guides you to create sustainable prosperity by aligning who you are with what you want. She has a background in financial planning and technical strategies as a CPA and CFP®. She pairs this conventional experience with out-of-the-box thinking, Human Design expertise, Quantum Alignment SystemTM training, Gene Key guidance, Neo-Shamanic Society energy training, sound channeling, and intuitive wisdom. She helps you to transform your relationships with self and money. Alana is also a 5x best-selling Human Design author. 

Everything is energy. More importantly, energy is everything. Alana guides individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs to navigate the energetic currents beneath their business, life, and money, so they naturally flow in the river of infinite prosperity. She is on a mission to apply her Atlantean healing powers to expand prosperity consciousness, so humanity gets it right, and reaches new earth on the organic matrix timeline.

Alana is a 1/3 Emotional Projector. She lives in Reno, Nevada with her 4/1 Self Projector husband and their three children, a 5/1 Emotional Projector daughter, and a set of girl-boy 6/2 Emotional Generator twins.

Click Here to Watch Alana’s Conference Workshop Interview with Michelle


Lindsay Tucker - Reflector

Lindsay Tucker is the creator of Reflector By Design, an online space where she helps Human Design Reflectors thrive in a world created by the other 99%.

Lindsay shares life and business coaching designed for Reflectors to understand themselves, use their unique gifts, and reach their full potential in real life.

The Reflector By Design Blog is a space for honest and vulnerable deep dives into the Reflector experience, and her programs are dedicated to empowering Reflectors through self-discovery.

Her mission is to support all Human Design types by allowing them to better understand the mysterious Reflector. 

Click Here to Watch Lindsay’s Conference Workshop Interview with Michelle

Pre-Conference Events


Writing by Design

Personal writing coaching with Michelle on Friday or after the conference $450


Becoming an Empowered Projector

Workshop with bestselling author
Evelyn Levenson $295

Choose one or both workshops to attend

The VIP Writing By Design Workshop

With Karen Curry Parker & Michelle Vandepas

This is an incredibly high value conference add-on!

Discover the best way for you to write. Books, sales copy, podcast and blogs, even social media posts. What style will help you most?

Meet Your Workshop Hosts:

Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker is an expert in Quantum Human Design™ as the developer a system to help explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design. She is the creator of Quantum Conversations podcast and two systems of Human Design: Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™. Multiple news outlets, radio shows, and tele-summits have featured her work on their programs.

Karen is also the author of numerous bestselling books all designed to help you create and find the life you were destined to live and embrace the authentic purpose of your existence.

Michelle Vandepas, Speaker at the International Human Design Conference

Michelle Vandepas

Publisher Michelle will offer personalized feedback and writing support through Thursday and Friday to help you outline, write and understand publishing your book. (self publishers welcomed!)

Becoming an Empowered Projector

Join visionary Projector Evelyn Levenson as she guides you to your truly empowered life. Using her groundbreaking, best selling book Becoming an Empowered Projector as the foundation, she will walk you through the five steps to becoming empowered and take you beyond the book to be able to integrate these steps into your life in real-time.

You will learn to embrace your vital role on the planet, use your aura mechanics in alignment with your design, address your Projector Pain, heal your wounds, and engage your unique genius, so you can flow through life with much greater ease to achieve the sweet success you’ve always known you deserve.

This will be a safe space for learning, interacting, asking questions, and deeply integrating the lessons and steps. You will be able to apply these lessons right away and experience the powerful difference when you fully step into and express your natural and authentic Projector Power.

Hosted By Evelyn Levenson

Bestselling author and speaker Evelyn will workshop your best life and how to live as empowered projector.

Evelyn Levenson

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We have a discounted room block at the conference venue (The Marriott Springhill Suites – Downtown). Space is limited. Click Here to Book.

You can still use our discounted room block! However, you will need to call into the hotel at 719-900-1801 to book your stay. Remember to mention you are booking with the Human Design Conference room block.

If you prefer a different space than the Springhill Suites, here are some additional hotels within walking distance to the hotel. (there are also plenty of Airbnb’s close to downtown Colorado Springs too!):

The closest airport is the Colorado Springs Airport (COS). This is a smaller domestic airport, our closest international airport is Denver International Airport (DEN). Please keep in mind that Denver is about a 90 minute drive from Colorado Springs.

If you do not plan on renting a car, we highly recommend using Groome Transportation Shuttle Service to navigate between the Denver Airport and Colorado Springs. The closest drop off location to the conference location is The Antlers S. Cascade.
There are plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers active in both Colorado Springs and Denver if you prefer to rideshare.

Downtown Colorado Springs has a free shuttle that goes up and down the main downtown street. There’s a stop in front of the conference hotel (and also a stop by the GracePoint Publishing headquarters) for easy transportation in this area.

Colorado Springs in September is beautiful with average highs being 75° and lows being 48° for the month. Rain is minimal as we are considered a “desert” climate. Make sure you hydrate and moisturize! Please keep in mind that we are at an elevation of close to 6,000 ft. Don’t over exert yourself if you are not used to being active at high altitude. But we hope you find time to enjoy our beautiful city!

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Your ticket to conference includes lunch on Saturday as well as various snacks and beverages provided throughout the day. It does NOT include breakfast or dinner or the cash bar on Friday night’s social hour. The Springhill Suites does serve breakfast in the lobby for guests staying with them. You are welcome to go elsewhere on your lunch break period if preferred.

We are still working with the hotel to finalize the final menu selection but we are keeping in mind dietary needs for: vegetarians, vegans, gluten free, and common allergens. Keep an eye on your inbox for more meal updates.

Unfortunately this is a non-refundable event. But, we understand that life happens. Reach out to our team at Support@HumanDesignConference.com and we can do to provide you with the best conference experience possible or credit you for next year.

Absolutely! Contact Support@HumanDesignConference.com and we can switch your attendance type on our end. Keep in mind, in person space is LIMITED. Depending on space, we may not have availability to accommodate all changes, but if we can, we will. 

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