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2022 International Human Design Conference

Sep 9 - 11, 2022 | Colorado Springs, CO


Join us for our 3rd Annual International Conference this fall either in person or virtually. We have an exciting list of Guest Speakers who you won’t want to miss!

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Awakening Our Creative Essence With Human Design


Human Design can help us awaken and discover answers to humanity’s challenges today. However, we won’t find those answers if we don’t first remember who we are, what we came here to do, and fully activate our creativity.

Your Human Design reveals your innate creative power and helps you unlock your true creative potential. During this year’s 3rd Annual Human Design Conference, we’ll explore all the ways Human Design helps you awaken, activate your full potential, and thrive in these rapidly changing times!

2022 Keynote Speakers

Aycee Brown

Aycee Brown is a psychic channel, Pisces, and Emotional Projector. She trusts you can return to feeling empowered and embodied in your being because she has witnessed this in her own personal transformations through her work.

Through her Essentials, you can explore Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, and claiming your divine talents in her highly anticipated Psychic Essentials.

“When we learn to trust and surrender to the innate power and magic we hold within and when we accept that there is so much more to our spirit than meets the eye, we can begin to embrace the exhilarating, pleasurable, and ease-filled life we’ve always dreamed of.”

Asha D Ramakrishna

Asha D Ramakrishna is #1 Best Selling Author of the book “The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman,” where Feminine Principles are revealed for a more organic and harmonious approach to life. She breaks Sun, Moon, and Earth wisdom into practical logical approaches to living. Asha is a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and incorporates philosophies such as Feng Shui, Karma Healing, and Human Design in her teaching.  She has synthesized her body of work to support humans in:

  • Selling their companies on Shark Tank
  • Leaving their soul sucking jobs
  • Launching two seven figure businesses
  • Tripling the size of businesses

Evelyn Levenson

Evelyn is a certified Human Design Specialist with more than a dozen years of experience giving hundreds of basic and specialty Human Design Readings. She is the author of Becoming an Empowered Projector: Essential Wisdom and Guidance for Thriving as Projector. which was released earlier this year in March.

Evelyn focuses on empowering her clients and students to know themselves, love themselves, and thrive as the full expression of who they are. She is on a mission to help her clients recognize and embrace their own absolute magnificence—which is so easy to see through the gift of Human Design.

“You are a once in a lifetime cosmic event!”

2022 Additional Guest Speakers

Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker is an expert in Quantum Human Design™ as the developer a system to help explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Human Design. She is the creator of Quantum Conversations podcast and two systems of Human Design: Quantum Human Design™ and the Quantum Alignment System™. Multiple news outlets, radio shows, and tele-summits have featured her work on their programs.

Karen is also the author of numerous bestselling books all designed to help you create and find the life you were destined to live and embrace the authentic purpose of your existence.

Aypril Porter

Aypril Porter is a (5/2 Projector) Human Design Life Coach who is on a mission to help her readers and clients live deep, rich, and authentic lives by giving themselves permission to live according to their Human Design. She is committed to creating a world where people feel seen, heard, loved, and valued for being themselves.

She believes that when we can embrace who we authentically are, we allow others to do the same, and we each take up our right sacred space in the world. Feeling seen for who we are, she believes allows us all to have more compassion for each other and understanding for the people who challenge us most.

Kim Guillory

Kim is an Integrative MindBody and Life Coach and Business Mentor for coaches, practitioners, and healers alikeanyone who is a healing-focused individual. She is an Author, Podcaster, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, Yoga Meditation Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Quantum Human Design level 4 analyst, Gene Key Guide. She has been in the mind-body coaching business since 1997 and has no plans of stopping her spiritual journey and teachings. Kim’s podcast, More Than Mindset, is dedicated to helping humanity improve their health, wealth, and relationships through mind-body-soul integration, organization, and embodiment.

Kim Gould

Kim Gould is a leading innovator and practitioner of Human Design. Working with multiple layer charts, Holographic HD life cycles, asteroids, and feminine DNA, Kim brings a more fluid approach to Human Design.

She loves to write about the emergent edge of current events and consciousness through a Human Design lens, as well as teaching, mentoring, coaching, and professional training. 

Amber Clements

Amber is a rare Human Design Reflector and author of the book “The Human Design Reflector: Barometer of the World”. Born in England and raised in Australia, she grew up with adventurous parents seeking a better life. After spending over a decade working as a qualified and accomplished organizational change expert, she has now decided to use her skills as a Transformation Coach to help people shine from the inside out.

As a certified Human Design Specialist, Amber uses these modalities to help the people she coaches to unleash their natural vitality, abundance, and purpose.

Ellen Hefty

In 2013 Ellen left a 22-year career as a middle school teacher and elementary school administrator. She watched as so many students did not receive the education they needed or deserved. She witnessed incredible educators who, despite doing their best, were not able to help because the system doesn’t work for many students. She made a promise to herself that she would go out and find a way to transform schools so that every student receives the education they deserve.

The mission with the Teaching Students by Design program is to guide educators to transform how students are educated and help all parties reach their fullest potential knowing that when each of us is being our unique and authentic self, the world is a more sustainable, compassionate, peaceful, and loving place.

Conference Schedule

September 9, 2022

3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Check into the hotel and take a few moments to settle into your space. Virtual networking space will be open during this time.

6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Keynote Speaker

Attend this inspirational keynote address which is open to all attendees (both virtual and live).

7:30 Pm – 9:00 pm
Meet & Greet

It’s Meet and Greet time! While networking in person, enjoy your favorite cocktail along with delicious appetizers. Our virtual networking space will also be open at this time so please grab a beverage and join in! 

September 10, 2022

8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Full Day of Events

A full day of incredible presentations, dynamic breakout sessions, and inspiring workshopping for all attendees whether virtual or in-person.

September 11, 2022

8:00 am – Noon
Half Day of Events

Be sure to attend, in-person or virtually, these dynamic half-day workshops and hear the motivating closing statements.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

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SpringHill Suites Colorado Springs Downtown

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